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360 Photo Booth
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Often referred to as bullet time, time freeze, or matrix effects, capture the same moment in time from 360 degrees. Using at least 25 cameras and advanced custom trigger technology, we are able to trigger/trigger all cameras at the same time, creating extremely creative and cool effects. For example, if someone is making a jump shot, the final 360 time-stop video will show him/her floating in mid-air, watching from 360+ angles! See the video below for an example.

As a leader in experiential marketing, we want to help you/your brand gain maximum brand exposure. That's why we allow all 360 photo booth videos to be custom branded with your own branding. This is done automatically as soon as our custom time stops the software from taking a snapshot.

If you are looking for a service with the ultimate WOW factor, this is the service for you. However, please note that we need a 6m x 6m space to set up the 360 Photo booth. If you are concerned about space, you may wish to consider our 360 Photo booth.

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