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360 photo booth gives a new experience
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360 photo booth are ideal for large events, weddings and branded events. Our 360-degree platforms feature high-definition cameras that rotate 360 degrees around guests as they stand on the raised platform. Guests pose and dance, and cameras capture every moment.

Our on-site staff can enhance the experience as they guide and manage your event experience. The key is to have 2-3 staff members on site to ensure a steady stream of quality content creation and engagement with your guests throughout the event.

The output video is fully branded and easy to share. Immediately after the video is shot, guests can watch their video on our iPad sharing station or via a custom QR code.

Spinner 360 can be branded with custom decals, custom backgrounds and studio lights.

The 360X experience captures slow-motion video from every angle.

Guests stand on a platform and use slow-motion arms to automatically circle them.

result? Awesome branded content that can be shared in seconds.

Most Versatile Booth - Compatible with many different versions of photo capture technology.

Whether you're using a smartphone, iPad, GoPro or DSLR camera, you can be confident that the 360-degree photo booth will hold up to their weight.

Make your mark with a 360-degree photo booth. Physical and digital branding is simple but very effective.

Mark your mobile content with overlays and add intro/outro clips to your content to make it memorable.

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